Make a better way

Join us to help end Teenage Bullying & Suicide

Teenagers are are struggling with the pressures of life more than ever without the tools to cope. Teenagers are facing school work, career decisions, bullying, LGBT questions and more. As a result, issues such as Depression, Anxiety and Suicide are on the rise.

Make A Better Way focuses on providing teens with guidance to navigate these issues. Working with experts such as therapists and coaches, we will create digital content. This content will focus on providing teenagers with the coping mechanisms they need.

By starting with bullying, Make A Better Way will focus on the victims rather than the bullies. Instead of advice like “Speak to an adult” or “Just walk away” we will provide content created by experts. From Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to peer inspiration, Teens will build skills needed to deal with bullies. Instead of turning to suicide as their only option, Teens will be able to get through another day.

We will teach teenagers through easy to understand content like videos and infographics. This easy to understand approach will give teens coping skills that they can use as they get older.

Make A Better Way wants to show Teenagers a better way of coping with their life.